Lyall Morris

Head of Puppetry

Lyall loves puppetry. After being a professional puppeteer for 18 years, he still isn’t sick of it. From studying the Post Graduate Puppetry course at VCA in 2006, Lyall went on to collect more training from other accomplished puppeteers, like Phillippe Genty, Eric Bass, Ronnie Burkett and Duda Paiva.

Over the years Lyall has had experience working with many different puppets in all sorts of places from Theatres to school shows, some film and television, local events to large stadium performances. He has travelled all over Australia and Internationally maintaining puppets and installations, performing, training new puppeteers and directing.

At A Blanck Canvas, Lyall’s skills as a puppeteer where he breathes life into the puppets, both as a performer and director, as part of the build team and assisting behind the scenes to help ensure things run smoothly.

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