On stage in the kids bedroom, Bluey's Dad Bandit is dressed up in a pink feather boa, purple glasses and a fairy tutu.
Image credit: Darren Thomas

Bluey's Big Play- The Stage Show

Client: BBC Studios and Andrew Kay in association with Windmill Theatre Co.

Date: 22/12/2020

Bluey’s Big Play- The Stage Show kicked off the Australian wide tour in December 2020, receiving impressive 5 star reviews from both audiences and critics.

In 2020, our team built a series of sophisticated puppets, props and sets for Australia’s new theatrical adaption of the Emmy award-winning children’s television series; Bluey.

The show comes alive with five large-scale puppets, (Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Lucky’s Dad) perfectly translating their beloved onscreen personalities to stage.

The bespoke main puppets were hand-sculpted from foam, including highly complex internal engineered steel frames and mechanisms. Clocking in over 6,500 hours alone of hand-stitching, the puppets slowly came alive, now ready to ignite the imagination of Bluey fans everywhere.

The core team of 9 artists also created just over 70 hand-made props, electrical props, smaller puppets and sets; all during a global pandemic. From bin chickens, to Granny cars and noisy Chattermax’s, there is a lot to see and love.

For more on the show or how to get tickets, visit the official shows page here.

“The puppetry in this performance is amazing, with plenty of emotion being conveyed via the characters faces, with the help of the puppeteers. The backdrops and set are bright and colourful and in keeping with the television show.”

“A glorious celebration of everything you love about the show has been woven into a touching new story – for real life”

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