The Greatest (Game) Show in the Universe

Puppet Mayhem 2

Thursday 19 th October- Sunday 22 nd October, 2023
Seaworks, Williamstown

The Greatest (Game) Show in the Universe is a part of the captivating universe of “The GSU” (The Greatest Show in the Universe). This story revolves around the inter-dimensional Ringmaster and his loyal sidekick, Doogle, who arrive on Earth to host a reality show in search of exceptional talent. Their discoveries are incredibly diverse, often hilarious, and occasionally shocking.

The GSU Gameshow is a show these characters produce as part of their adventures. With the aim to build awareness of the GSU, stream to as many planets as possible, and spread the good word. The Ringmaster and Doogle need the help and participation of the audience to achieve these goals. The game show is a family-friendly performance that encourages, diversity, inclusivity, authenticity, and fun!

Portrayed by the creator and actor/performer Richard Mueck, the enigmatic inter-dimensional Ringmaster exudes magnetic charm tinged with off-beat eccentricity, he leads the show with chaotic energy and unstoppable enthusiasm.

Doogle is the loyal assistant to the Ringmaster, acting as a bridge between the Ringmaster’s frenzied aura and the audience. Doogle is devoted to serving the GSU, looking after the crowd, keeping the show running smoothly, and most importantly tending to all the quirky needs of the Ringmaster, even if that means just a little space dusting.

The world of the GSU is inspiring, obscure, hilarious, and at times surprisingly deep and relevant to Earth’s current issues.

The Greatest (Game) Show in the Universe is an interactive gameshow unlike any other. Imagine humans engaging in crazy, cosmic, antics, tackling mind-bending Earth trivia, and embracing gravity- defying challenges. The prizes and stakes are high, with contestants playing for everything from, outlandish alien paraphernalia, starship scholarships, mouth-bending inter-dimensional snacks, and even the future of life and freedom on Earth itself! Not surprisingly, the games are as weird and diverse as the prizes themselves.

Games include:

  1. The Cosmic Quiz” – utilizing the GSU’s patented “Bio-organic Buzzers”
  2. “The Galactic Wizard Training Program” – incorporating “Bippity, Boppity, Boo”
  3. “Balls of Destiny”
  4. “Sentenced to a sentence”

And many more…

The 60-minute performance involves audience participation and promises an out-of-this-world hilarious spectacle.

The GSU Game show is available for hire for your event today. Contact us today to discuss show hire and how more artists, games, and performers can get involved!

For more details on production hire, please view the information sheet.





This event was made possible thanks to the support of the Hobsons Bay City Council, Make it Happen grant and The Victorian Government’s Small and Medium Event Program through Business Victoria.

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