2080 by Rosy Toranzo

2080 by award-winning puppeteer and maker, Rosy Toranzo.

It is the future, the year is 2080. A News Bulletin of the world’s last Polar Bear is seen floating on an ice cap off the coast of Mexico and a secret world is revealed.

2080 is a beautifully visual and audio guided show for one eye only. It is a poignant tale that touches on one of the world’s biggest challenges, the climate crisis.

“Rosy believes theatre is a tool to connect with others, to share and tell stories, big and small. She makes exquisite and heartfelt work, celebrating artists, communities, children and young people.”

“From the grandiose to the truly intimate, Rosy bought her show to poke us all in the heart.”

“Rosy is an awesome storyteller, when we worked together at kids camps, she could calm an entire room of rowdy preteens with a shadow puppet story”

Tickets on sale now. BOOK HERE!

Check out more of Rosy’s work at https://www.rosytoranzo.com 
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