Puppet Mayhem 2

Fringe Festival 2023

Thursday 19 th October- Sunday 22 nd October, 2023
Seaworks, Williamstown

Puppet Mayhem 2 was a vibrant celebration of the magical art of puppetry, showcasing a diverse range of puppetry styles, following the success of Puppet Mayhem in 2020. Puppet Mayhem 2 took place from Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd October 2023, between 5 pm and 10 pm, at  Seaworks in Williamstown. Over 4,000 attendees visited PM2 over the four nights.

Audiences had the opportunity to witness the grandeur of large-scale technologically advanced chassis puppets, skillfully operated by ten performers including A Blanck Canvas’ The Guardian and The Messenger puppets.

Delicate hand puppets gracefully danced across the stage in shows like The Dreamer in Space, while mischievous suit puppets including A Blanck Canvas’ The Skulls and The Occulus entertained with their playful antics.

Puppet Mayhem 2  also featured a Puppetry Museum, displaying curated pieces from Australian television, film, and stage shows. It included a captivating array of over 100 puppets from renowned workshops and creators, featuring many local companies including Polyglot, Bonkel, Lemony S and Snuff Puppets. Tuckerbag, Ozzie Ostrich’s head and Aslan from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe amongst many other nostalgic pieces were on display.

In addition to captivating The Puppetry Museum and puppetry acts, attendees enjoyed live musical performances, DJs performing under a giant illuminated Phoenix, Talkshows, Meet the Maker talks and stage shows.

Some of the featured shows included; The Greatest Show in the Universe characters, the interdimensional Ringmaster and his loyal sidekick, Doogel. They hosted the most eccentric gameshow ever witnessed, along with a late-night talk show where established creatives in the industry engaged in casual conversations on the couch.

The festival vibe continued with face painting, a merchandise stand, a variety of food trucks, and a licensed area also on offer for visitors.

This event was made possible thanks to the support of the Hobsons Bay City Council, Make it Happen grant and The Victorian Government’s Small and Medium Event Program through Business Victoria.

Puppet Mayhem 2 and A Blanck Canvas production.

Soundscapes: Thomas “Soup” Campbell at A Million Things.

Lighting design and lighting: After Dark Theatre.

Photography: James Base.

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