The Phoenix

Client: Esoteric Festival 2022

The Phoenix, a magnificent embodiment of mythical wonder, serves as the ultimate symbol of strength, longevity, and renewal.

This remarkable, luminous creation was crafted in Australia for the Esoteric Festival, designed, constructed, and expertly installed by the skilled team at A Blanck Canvas. The Phoenix stands as an unparalleled show centrepiece, leaving an indelible mark on any event.

Conceived and built within our Melbourne studio, the Phoenix is an awe-inspiring puppet of epic proportions, boasting towering 7-meter height and an expansive 10-meter wingspan. Its steel-framed structure is adorned with meticulously hand-sculpted feathers, allowing the graceful up-and-down movement of its expansive wings.

At Esoteric Festival, the Phoenix was perched on top of a colossal floating natural rock formation. The Phoenix serves as a central focal point, offering versatile functionality, including the potential to function as a DJ booth. This rock base serves as a stable counterweight, remaining static throughout the performance.

The Phoenix’s base has now been adjusted to a steel truss frame, with LEDs attached. It is still used as a Dj booth to this day, as mentioned in Puppet Mayhem 2. To facilitate the safe operation of the puppet, some rigging is required to be attached to the stage’s uprights.

The Phoenix captivates with its visually arresting, pastel rainbow scenic painted finish, making it a spectacle to behold in daylight settings. Moreover, its transformative power shines through with the inclusion of thousands of LED RGB lights, artfully embedded in its head, body, and wings, enabling stunning lighting displays.

For those seeking to harness the mesmerising presence of The Phoenix, it is available for hire. Contact us today for more information.

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