Space Suits

Client: Stars On Mars Tv Reality Show 2023

Client: Fox Television X Eureka Productions

A Blanck Canvas meticulously crafted 18 custom space suits for Eureka Productions and FOX TV’s reality show, “Stars on Mars.” Hosted by the iconic William Shatner, the show saw celebrity contestants engage in simulated space station life, with one elimination per week. Airing in May 2023, the show was filmed in Coober Pedy, South Australia.

Over two months, A Blanck Canvas expanded its team to meet the project’s demands. These suits were designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring they were waterproof, airtight, and rugged enough for the contestants’ demanding tasks. Custom-made to fit each contestant, the suits featured hand-painted, dyed, and printed embellishments on custom nylon wetsuits, professional rock climbing harnesses, snow boots with handcrafted rubber molds, and toe pads painted with custom-made tautflex paint.

The 3D-printed helmets were intricately carved, polished, and hand-painted. They included provisions for fans, microphones on the back, and interchangeable screen visors for different tasks on the TV show. The suits also featured hand-molded chest plates, back plates, and backpacks made from polyurethane pours.

The Space Suits are one of A Blanck Canvas’ largest suit productions to date and we’re eager for more projects like this to come.

You can now watch ‘Stars on Mars’ via Foxtel Australia, FOX US, or Hulu.

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