Lil' Robots

Client: Glen Eira Council 2023

Experience the charm of these Lil’ Robots as they engage in a post-apocalyptic world. Delve into a cyberpunk spectacle replete with captivating lights and mechanical harmonies, immersing yourself into a  dystopian future as we wonder, what happens when robots run out of jobs?

In a remarkable demonstration of ingenuity and extreme creativity, our team of highly skilled designers crafted 40 cheeky robots, employing a diverse array of materials. Combining foam, 3D printing, household items, and industrial materials, each robot acquired a unique appearance and personality.

These charming Robots were designed with distinct personality traits, neatly categorised into five domains: leisure, education, domestic, industrial, and health. The designers infused these traits into the robots, granting them a sense of purpose and individuality. Whether it was makeup bots offering grooming advice, therapy bots providing emotional support, or mechanics assisting with household tasks, the robots’ personalities and designs knew no boundaries.

During a family event generously hosted by Glen Eira Council, the robots dazzled the audience, connected to Roomba vacuums, partaking in playful wrestling matches. Roaming within their designated area, they kindled joy and excitement among the attending families. It was a spectacle both children and adults crazed over!

Lil’ Robots production are available for hire for your city or event today.

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