MX Universe

Puppet Mayhem 2

Thursday 19 th October- Sunday 22 nd October, 2023
Seaworks, Williamstown

Within the grand spectacle of Puppet Mayhem 2, The Greatest Show in the Universe (GSU) proudly presented the MX Universe Pageant, a celestial extravaganza like no other. This pageant showcased the crème de la crème of fabulous, diverse, quirky, and entertaining performances by intergalactic personas.

The event was masterfully orchestrated by the enigmatic Ringmaster and his irrepressible sidekick, Doogle, who skillfully kept the audience’s spirits soaring. With a dash of charm and a sprinkle of curiosity, they posed an array of pageantry questions to the contestants, while seamlessly guiding their captivating performances.

The pageant consisted of a very tight competetion from:

Astrobics Mantisia; the carnivorous yet fitness-loving extra-terrestrial mantis from Mantisoria, channels her Jane Fonda-inspired enthusiasm to promote aerobics and body acceptance across the galaxy. She’s an energetic, if slightly fearsome, ambassador for healthy living in the cosmic realm.

Nebula; the enchanting exotic dancer from the Farfrom galaxy, Planet Albunen. Known for their mesmerizing performances at the royal palace, Nebula is celebrated as one of the universe’s most exquisite dancers. They have a unique pre-show ritual involving Speckle, a spicy liquid, and are passionate about promoting acceptance and diversity through artistic expression.

Enigma Infestra; a revered magician from Megasporia, known for her extraordinary feats and mesmerizing illusions. Her aspiration is to change perceptions about her species and empower parasites through mentorship, fostering unity among different species. She finds Earth intriguing, with a special appreciation for vacuum cleaners and honeybees.

Gnarly Whiskerbeats; leader of The Rat Crew, the Pestonia hip-hop sensation. Their showmanship, rather than talent, is their forte, transcending language barriers and making them beloved in their extraterrestrial realm. They inspire positivity with their motto “You can’t keep a good rat down” and discourage negativity with “negativity is whack.” Gnarly’s magnetic performances and uplifting philosophy influence audiences to stay optimistic. They hope to open an orphanage and school for homeless rats and have a unique love for chewing on old bicycle wheels.

Miss Friby; Earth’s avant-garde show sensation and Earth’s sole cosmic contender. With her unique blend of cabaret, burlesque, and vaudeville, Miss Friby transforms stages into whirlwinds of precision choreography, irreverent wit, and unabashed entertainment. Being the sole earthly emissary in the intergalactic talent showdown makes her performance all the more remarkable and cheekily entertaining.

MX Universe Pageant is available for hire for your event today. Contact us today to discuss show hire and how more artists, drag queens and kings, and performers can get involved!

This event was made possible thanks to the support of the Hobsons Bay City Council, Make it Happen grant and The Victorian Government’s Small and Medium Event Program through Business Victoria.

A Blanck Canvas extends our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees, hosts, creators, and supporters of the MX Universe event. We offer a special appreciation to the contestants, whose incredible performances left us in awe.

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