Electric Kingdom

A Blanck Canvas x City of Melbourne

Birrarung Marr
September 7 th - 17 th 2023 (Thursday to Sunday nights)

Electric Kingdom in Melbourne spanned eight nights in September 2023 and attracted tens of thousands of visitors who experienced A Blanck Canvas’ eight magnificent giant illuminated animal installations, world-class roving performers, and stunning lighting displays.

Audiences enjoyed the walk-through event centred around a collection of giant, illuminated animal installations. Electric Kingdom (EK) “scales up” nature to gigantic proportions, allowing audiences to view and appreciate animals from a new perspective.

Each installation in EK has its own unique characteristics, including kinetic movements, multi-creature compositions, immersive storytelling elements, and the capability to be puppeteered and roam throughout the space. They also boast distinct lighting design and are accompanied by original soundscapes.

Electric Kingdom is available to hire for your city. Please contact us for more information.

Electric Kingdom Includes:

1. The Giraffes
2. The Pandas.
3. Tarutharu- the Kaurna Skink.
4. The Underwater World.
5. The Tiger.
6. The Falcon.
7. The Cassowaries.
8. The Insects

The Giraffes

The Giraffes consist of two 6-meter-high giant inflatable giraffe installations. Their internal lighting is programmed to sync with a playful soundscape. The installations were configured in an arch at the entryway of the event to welcome audiences.

The Pandas

Two 6-metre-high illuminated Pandas are engineered to playfully roll on their backs, and one moves its head to eat bamboo. Their internal lighting syncs with the lighting of the giant bamboo and the ambient soundscape.

The Tiger

Inspired by the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger, the Tiger stands as the guardian of Electric Kingdom. Operated by 3 puppeteers, it roams the kingdom, illuminated from within and accompanied by its own unique soundscape.

The Falcon

An enormous stately bird of prey with an impressive 10m wingspan. Covered in glowing golden shards, it mimics realistic bird like movements including flying. The lighting is designed in conjunction with the soundscape which includes squawks and bird calls.

The Cassowaries

To add a whimsical twist to the two 4.5-metre-high Cassowaries, we’ve adorned them with enormous Air Jordan sneakers. Given the Cassowaries reputation for using their powerful
feet and sharp claws, this unexpected combination brings an element of fun and surprise to the experience.

The Insects

A giant Jewell Wasp, Cockroach, and Redback Spider are perched among a massive web illuminated by UV lights, creating an experience that makes the squeamish squeal.

The Underwater World

Ten luminescent winch-controlled jelly fish are part of The Underwater World immersive experience. It also includes kelp, five luminous fish, giant colour changing coral, and a large 3 metre glowing anglerfish.

Tarutharu, the Kaurna Skink

A 27-metre-long animatronic skink with moving head is a collaboration with aboriginal artist, Elizabeth Close and Kaurna and Nurungga man, Jack Buckskin. Jack worked with the Kaurna elders to translate the story of the skink which he narrates in combination with a moving soundscape.

First Nations Artwork

Electric Kingdom featured an interactive First Nations artwork at the main entrance, created by Samantha Richards, an Indigenous woman from the Wurundjeri and Dja Dja Wurrung Tribes. Through her venture, ‘Connecting Two Worlds,’ she merges traditional and modern Indigenous culture, weaving symbols and Victorian elements in contemporary artworks.

This projected piece celebrates waterways, especially the Birrarung (blue circles), vital to Wurundjeri life. It embodies land strength (green circles) and ancestral roots. It represents generational journeys (orange lines), unity (yellow circles), and welcomes (gum leaves), pledging stewardship of land, water, animals, and community.

Electric Kingdom: installation design, build, performance and event production by A Blanck Canvas.
Soundscapes: Thomas “Soup” Campbell at A Million Things (with Mark Coles Smith collaborating on Tarutharu, The Kaurna Skink).
Lighting design and lighting: After Dark Theatre.
Photography: Little Moments Photography

Electric Kingdom Melbourne was supported through the Melbourne City Revitalisation Fund – a $200 million
partnership of the Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne.

Electric Kingdom creates a magical world of epic proportions that brought Melbourne to life this September. In addition to the installations and roving performances, the lighting installations EK were dynamic and illuminated the pathways, trees, and surroundings, creating a mesmerising and immersive ambience. 

Electric Kingdom is available to hire. Please contact us for more information.


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