Lam Nguyen

Head of Engineering


Lam completed his Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering with first class honours in 2014 and we have been lucky enough to have him on our team since 2017.  His work is focused on animatronics, electrical and software engineering and metal work/ machining.

Lam soon proved himself invaluable to our team; he travelled to Abu-Dhabi in 2018 for the National Day project for 6 weeks providing technical support for our puppets, he has pulled all-nighters with us as technical support for the White Knight Messenger at White Nights in Melbourne Australia in 2017 – 2019 and is always inventing new mechanisms, devices and processes. 

Lam is one of the busiest guys you will meet- he has been training in martial arts for fifteen years and teaches Vovinam, he is a wicked trombone player, has an interest in photography and volunteers with the Dandenong tutoring program.

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