Joe Blanck

Creative Director

Joe is driven to bring the unimaginable to life.

From street artist to scenic artist, now creature designer and builder, Joe spent six years at Creature Technology Company on productions including Walking with Dinosaurs, How to Train Your Dragon, and KING KONG before co-founding A Blanck Canvas.

Wildly passionate about 2D and 3D art forms; design, building, sculpting and painting, illustration, directing, puppet creation, manipulation, performance, as well as integrations with technology and art, he is the driving force behind all of our creatures becoming reality. He leads the Blanck Canvas team to deliver end to end large productions, from concept to technical to delivery, performance and finishing.

“The craft of creature building is evolving rapidly with traditional puppetry techniques being combined with cutting edge technology. Our giant puppets are having a social impact beyond what I first imagined; apart from providing entertainment, they are advocating for endangered animals and environmental conservation and even replacing circus animals. It’s a really exciting time to be in the industry to witness it’s evolution.”

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