Francesco Minniti

Lightning Design Specialist


Francesco Minniti is the proud founder of After Dark Theatre, an award-winning production agency specialising in circus based entertainment, variety performances and large-scale production design.

Francesco is our resident lighting designer, through his role at After Dark Theatre, he has been closely designing with us since 2018. He has worked on many major projects of A Blanck Canvas’ including The Guardian, The Garden of the Galapagos, Splendour by Dragone, and most recently designed and executed all the lighting for our event Puppet Mayhem, which spanned over 5 zones. He also designed and programmed the lighting for the spectacular giant light installations at A Blanck Canvas’ and Adelaide Zoo’s collaboration, Light Creatures, which included the design and install of the atmospheric site lighting.

When Francesco isn’t working on unique designs, he performs as an actor, circus and variety artist. He is also one of only a handful of artists in the world that performs the dangerous Russian Barre Circus Act.

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