To X-Ray a Lady by The Skulls

The Skulls are presenting To X-RAY a lady at Puppet Mayhem.

This talented and entertaining five-piece Mariachi band are sure to win over crowds with their exciting and interactive musical Puppet show. Giving off major old-fashioned sideshow carnival vibes, these music stomping skulls are in need of an extra band member. Do you have good bones? Lets find out- they’re X-RAY’ing potentials to see what lurks within…

The Skulls are six award winning and multi-disciplinary professional performers, theatre makers, musicians, visual artists and artisans who smash circus, puppetry, magic and theatre with a living dead soundtrack for festivals, gigs, street parades, cabaret and theatre.

Inspired by the joyful parades from New Orleans, Taiwan or Mexico -The Skulls are not designed to be simply scary. They are ghoulishly exuberant and embody ghosts living it up in the after world. Like a gang of clowns they are sometimes stupid and sometimes provocative. Their humanity is delightful and allows us to celebrate the dead and joyfully convene with our ancestors.

The Skulls are Colleen Burke, Dave Evans, Nara Demasson, Adam Pierzchalski and Dan Witton.

You don’t want to miss this one. One night only, BOOK HERE now before they are gone!

See more of their works here.

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