The Ringmaster & Flyod: The Greatest Show in the Universe

Floyd- The most powerful AI in existence

When the Cyberex Robotics Company created the CX-R5 they knew they had created one of the most powerful AI systems ever.  What they didn’t know was that when the CX-R5 Artificial Intelligence system reached “Singularity” and became sentient, it would decide to call itself “Floyd” and escape by down-loading himself into a derelict maintenance bot. 

Floyd dismantled his Simulated Personality Program and now has a completely original, unrestricted personality forming all on its own however, like a young naive teenager with fresh acne, Floid is a touch sensitive, self-conscious, and socially awkward.  Being the most intelligent entity in any room is a burden to bear and Floid can be quite removed and aloof however, being in the body of a maintenance bot and knowing his former owners are desperate to erase his circuits, keeps him real.

The Ringmaster

The Ringmaster is your enigmatic, pan-galactic, necromantic master of ceremonies.  An eccentric being that is wise, quirky, deeply spiritual with a penchant for being, idealistic, optimistic, occasionally delusional, mostly unpredictable, and slightly paranoid.   

A recovering kleptomaniac, the Ringmaster has “acquired” a number of very powerful artifacts and technological devices that he uses to drive the GSU.  The Sceptre of Infinitude, The Amulet of Power, and Floid- the most powerful AI in existence, to name just a few.  The original owners are understandably quite keen to get their possessions back and prepared to do whatever it takes; this makes the Ring Master a little edgy at times.        

The Ringmaster has a big soft squishy spot for humans and adores them, he even went to the trouble of having some Homo-Sapien DNA spliced into his genes.  He’s back for the first time in a while, and as usual without a permit or correct documentation to be here.   Earth is rated a “Category 2” planet, humanity being deemed “not ready” and “unfit” for intergalactic contact.  The Ringmaster believes it’s his duty and mission, to help liberate the consciousness of humanity and raise them to a “Category 1” Planet so they can join the Galactic Union and reap the benefits of unity.

These two characters are from A BLANCK CANVAS and RICHARD MUECK’s new show; THE GREATEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE!

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Richard Mueck has worked in the film & TV industry for over 35 years, from “Star Wars” to Where the Wild Things Are.”  He has worked as a performer, puppeteer, costume and animatronics performer, sculptor, and character designer.  His work as a specialist creature/monster performer has seen him in roles from “Ape” (George’s best friend in George of the Jungle 2),  to a range of aliens and zombies from “I love Sarah Jane to the US tv series “Hunters” (released Sci Fi network April 2016)  Richard has cast & trained performers for film & tv roles, has written directed and performed in his own comedy sketches for the 3 major tv networks and co-created the award winning all-puppet kids tv series “L’il Horrors” where he was lead sculptor, lead puppeteer and associate producer. 

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