Universal Kingdom

Client: Adelaide Zoo 2024

For three weeks in June and July 2024, A Blanck Canvas, in collaboration with Erth and Adelaide Zoo, orchestrated an unforgettable experience, Universal Kingdom: Prehistoric Nights.

Our talented team designed, patterned, and hand-sewed a colossal 10-meter-long inflatable Plesiosaur. Suspended in the air from a trussing system connected to ten programmed winches, this magnificent creature exhibited lifelike swimming movements. The Plesiosaur, adorned in stunning hues of blue and aqua, exuded a captivating wet, striking appearance.

The event also featured an immersive walk-through Dinosaur Bone Graveyard. Each bone piece, hand-sculpted from EPE foam and hand-painted, conveyed an authentic aged and lifelike aesthetic.

Adding to the enchantment, our giant inflatable Mosasaur was showcased as a dynamic installation, pursuing our innovative fish rod puppets.

The entire evening was illuminated brilliantly by After Dark Theatre with soundscape by A Million Things Music. Their collaborative efforts transformed Universal Kingdom: Prehistoric Nights into an awe-inspiring spectacle, leaving attendees spellbound.

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