Thundamentals x A Blanck Canvas Collaboration

Client: A Blanck Canvas, and Roam Brewing Company Collaboration

Date: 2017

In 2018 we were approached regarding a collaboration with one of our favourite Australian Hip Hop groups, Thundamentals.

We created giant puppets based on surreal album art from Thundamental’s fourth album, “Everyone We Know”. These performed with the group at a special, one night only gig. The three giant inflatable puppets and roving costume included a giant one-eyed octopus with rainbow tentacles and a massive skull-headed businessman character. Each puppet was manipulated by one internal performer and included programmable lighting.

Our puppets performed with Thundamentals for this special gig and made their entrance with a massive cheer from the audience. Thundamentals as always put on an incredible show and being the lovely humans they are, didn’t mind sharing the stage at all.

Junkee – Photos From Thundamentals’ Free Sydney Gig
Junkee – Thundamentals & Joe Blanck Share Their Creative Secrets

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