The Water Dragons

Client: Luna New year 2024

In February 2024, Melbourne’s Yarra River played host to an unforgettable spectacle with the “Rulers of the Water.” Crafted by the remarkable team at A Blanck Canvas, three colossal water dragons took center stage, gracefully dancing upon the river in celebration of the Lunar New Year, specifically heralding the Year of the Dragon.

Each of these magnificent dragons, commissioned by Crown Casino, span an impressive 15 meters in length, and are powered by classic jet skis specially modified for the occasion. With hand-sculpted EPE foam heads that open and close in tandem with the jet ski steering, these dragons exude an aura of mystical majesty.

The body of each dragon features inflatable domes mounted atop handmade pontoons arranged in a chain-like structure. Over 200 meters of heat-treated, waterproof polyester envelope these domes, a labor-intensive process that required over 36 hours to complete. The resulting patterned and sewn “sock” was then hand-painted in reminiscent of the vibrant hues of Lunar New Year festivities. 

Every detail, from the tail to the horns, fins, and head, was sculpted from EPE foam and hand-sewn onto the body.To seamlessly blend with these giant puppets, our performers and jet ski riders don matching suits and helmets.

Inside each dragon, thousands of LED lights illuminated the night, casting a breathtaking glow upon the Yarra River, which was closed for the performances. 

 “Rulers of the Water” captivated audiences with its grandeur and artistry, marking a truly unforgettable celebration of culture and creativity on Melbourne’s iconic waterway.

The Water Dragons are available for hire.

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