Splendour - Wuxi

Client: Dragone & Five Currents

Date: November 2019

The team at A Blanck Canvas created an exquisite giant Beta Fish to feature in Franco Dragone and 5 Currents new permanent water show production; Splendour in Wuxi Theatre, China.

Boasting 6-metre long proportions, the large-scaled majestic fish is covered entirely with thousands of fully addressable RGB LED lights which diffuse through its foam skeletal structure.

A complex segmented aluminium and polycarbonate frame allows for a fluid swimming motion. The lateral fins contain engineered mechs which show off an underwater flutter effect attributable to the use of an ultra-thin lightweight material.

The fish is operated by four puppeteers and has a beautiful pre-programmed onboard lighting control built into a small backpack worn by one puppeteer.


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