Nana Dog

Client: A Wonderland Presents Production 2024

What an extraordinary privilege it was to breathe life into one of literature’s most beloved canine characters from the timeless tale of Peter Pan. Allow us to introduce the remarkable suit puppet, Nana Dog, crafted and performed by the talented team at A Blanck Canvas as part of the award-winning production, Peter Pan: A Neverland Adventure.

The Nana Dog suit puppet quickly became a cherished favorite among families and children who attended the touring spectacle presented by A Wonderland Presents Production.

Nana Dog features a hand-sculpted foam head, arms, and legs, adorned with intricately patterned and hand-dyed faux fur. Our ingenious engineers devised a unique “crutch” leg mechanism, enabling our puppeteers to maneuver effortlessly and imbue the character with lifelike movements. Additionally, mechanisms within the arms triggered adorable ear movements, eliciting delighted reactions from the audience.

This lovable giant canine puppet has embarked on a journey across more than 50 shows since February 2024. Don’t miss out on Peter Pan: A Neverland Adventure, which continues to enchant audiences nationwide throughout 2024.

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