The Garden of the Galapagos

Client: Graeme Base and Melbourne Zoo Collaboration

Date: 2019

The Garden of the Galapagos is an outdoor theatre piece originally funded by a collaboration including Barcham Projects and Graeme Base with assistance from the Melbourne Zoo. It is a puppet show based on award-winning children’s book, “The Waterhole” written and illustrated by one of the world’s leading creators of picture books; Graeme Base.

The production includes eight large, custom-made animal puppets. The  collection of puppets use many sophisticated puppetry techniques and mechanisms; from the smaller marionette style puppets of the Booby birds to the wheelchair and hidden performer mechanism for the giant tortoises. All puppets are internally lit with programmable LED lights.

The performance itself has an eclectic unfolding soundscape, designed by the talented producer Thomas ‘Soup’ Campbell and projection by award winning OhYeahWow.

The 20-minute story highlights the importance of water conservation. It was originally performed at Melbourne Zoo to sold out crowds for a 16 night multi performance through April 2019.

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