Electric Kingdom

A Blanck Canvas x Joondalup Festival

Hilary's Boat Harbour
Saturday 2 March – Friday 22 March

For three electrifying weeks in March, Hillarys Boat Harbour lit up every night as Electric Kingdom embarked on its triumphant debut in Perth. At the Joondalup festival, this immersive experience dazzled attendees with eight stunning installations and roaming puppets.

Among the highlights was the introduction of new lighting installations, masterfully crafted by After Dark Theatre. Adding to the excitement was the debut of a captivating new addition: Yaakan, the Snake-Necked Turtle.

In collaboration with esteemed Indigenous artists Nimunburr Yawuru Ballardong Noongar artist Kambarni and Wardandi Bibbulmun Noongar singer-songwriter Boox Kid, the Snake-Necked Turtle, known as Yaaka Booyi or Choonya in Noongar, made its grand entrance into the Electric Kingdom. This enchanting creature, classified as ‘near threatened,’ holds deep cultural significance to the Joondalup region, adding a touch of local heritage to the spectacle.

The Yaakan commanded attention at an impressive height of 6 meters, boasting intricate engineering mechanisms in its head, arms, and legs. These mechanisms imbued the creature with lifelike movements, including the head retracting into its shell—in emulation of real turtle behavior. To amplify the spectacle, the arms moved in sequence, creating a mesmerizing “swimming” effect.

Crafted from patterned EPE foam with an internal aluminum skeleton and meticulously engineered rotary mechanisms, the Yaakan was a marvel of design and innovation. Thousands of LEDs embedded within the skeleton illuminated Hillary’s Boat Harbour, casting a radiant glow over the surroundings.

We take immense pride in our collaboration with First Nations artists nationwide, using our platform to raise awareness about endangered species and their vital significance to local communities while making space for indigenous stories told by indigenous people . Through our creative endeavors, we strive to breathe life into these majestic creatures, fostering appreciation and understanding within our community.

Electric Kingdom x Joondalup Festival Included:

1. The Giraffes
2. The Pandas.
3. Tarutharu- the Kaurna Skink.
4. The Underwater World.
5. The Tiger.
6. The Falcon.
7. The Yaakan Turtle.
8. The Light Tunnel

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