Design & Illustration


Joe is an accomplished painter and designer. He has been part of numerous group and solo exhibitions, and designed many puppets, and installations. Joes natural style is illustrative, detailed and full of texture with often dark and humorous subject matter.


In 2012 Joe created 45 paintings to illustrate a children's book he has written called My Scrapbook which follows his characters Lilly and Teddy.

Lilly and Teddy in Then They Meet. Click on the image to see the original artwork available in the Shop.

The Tribe (above), oil on canvas. Original sold. Click on the image for limited edition prints available in the Shop.
Don't Look, oil on canvas. Commissioned artwork.

Joe is experienced in illustration, freehand drawing as well as digital using computer software ZBrush, Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. He often uses a combination of both as seen with the concept design illustrations below.

Illustration of alien suit co-designed by Joe Blanck using freehand illustration and ZBrush software.

Alien suit side view

Alien suit front


King Kong concept design side view

King Kong concept design back view

Early concept designs of King Kong for the Creature Technology Company's stage show using freehand illustration and Adobe Photoshop software.




Pimple Guy from rough sketch to rendered illustration to modeled in Z Brush to 3D print.