Creatures and Puppets

A Blanck Canvas have been creating puppets for many years. Breaking the boundaries  between the real world and make believe.

Here are a few of our favorites.  

Melbourne Theatre Company - Vivid White

GUUS - A creature suit puppet operated by 7puppeteers
Check out this video on the Creation of Guus



Make A Wish - Dragon 

The creation of Argo the baby Dragon for Make A Wish Foundation.

Check out a video of Argo in the workshop.


Thundamentals x A Blanck Canvas

Creature suit puppets for a 1 night only event in Sydney



Melbourne Museum - Buglab Exhibition 

Bug suit puppets for Melbourne Museum's 'Buglab Exhibition'




 The Messenger - White Night, Melbourne

The White Knight Messenger performing at White Night Melbourne 2017. Delivering messages of love and compassion for all living beings.



The Sleeping Beauty Victorian Opera 2017

Puppet Design and Construction by A Blanck Canvas. Photos by Charlie Kinross.



Firefly Puppets

Created by A Blanck Canvas and The Indirect Object. Performed at White Night Melbourne 2017 and Enlighten Festival Canberra 2017. 



Crab Suit Puppets

Crab Suit Puppets for Jakarta Aquarium Indonesia. 2016



Totem Turtle, Cirque du Soleil

Totem Turtle created for promotion for Cirque Du Soleil's Totem production.



The Don, 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup

The Don Puppet built for the ICC World Cup Opening Ceremony 2014.




Jellyfish Puppets 

Jellyfish Puppets created by A Blanck Canvas, build for Black Hole Theatre and Barking Spider. They have performed in Paris, New York City and all over Australia.



Coles Suit Character Mascots

Lightweight carbon fibre heads and costume design for Coles Supermarkets.






A motley crew. Joe (right) and co-designer Sorjori Tane with their alien suit creation, performed and sculpted by Richard Mueck.