Nick Wilson presents The Mechanical Variety Hour & Lola the Dancing Bear

Lola the Dancing Bear.
Will she escape the chains of her cruel trainer? Will she break free from those old-fashioned steps? Will the audience make it out alive?

Roll on up and see the fabulous Lola bust out some ‘killer moves’. Alive! In the flesh! Experience the beauty, the sadness, the laughter, the danger, the adorable cuteness and the blood-curdling terror of a 300kg Grizzly Bear expressing herself through dance.

Tickets on sale now. BOOK HERE

The Mechanical Variety Hour
A bizarre roving spectacle of meta-puppet illusion and musical machinery.

The Inimitable MC Birdman and the Glorious Beatrice Heartbreak present their Mechanical Variety Hour, a travelling streetside installation of meta-puppet illusion and hand-cranked musical mechanisms.

MC Birdman operates a marionette version of himself, who in turn operates a smaller marionette of himself, who is strumming a tiny puppet guitar, the sound for which is produced by Beatrice’s wooden guitar-playing machine, with its cogs and cams plucking and fretting a real instrument. Equally influenced by spectacles of faded old-world glamour, travelling street-show curiosities and the excesses of post-industrial decadence, this show celebrates visual and conceptual illusion through a hazy lens of quirky old-fashioned aesthetics and mystifying mechanical extravagance.

They’ll be sure to catch your eye and ear with their carnival charisma and faded razzle-dazzle charm!

Tickets on sale now. BOOK HERE

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