Our workshop is in Coburg, Australia. We are about a 20 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD, which is recognised as the events and cultural capital of Australia.

Our large community bay-side performance space; The Puppet Playground, is located at Seaworks Maritime Precinct.

Yes, we regularly work with international clients. We have completed several projects for clients based in South East Asia and the United Arab Emirates. Modern technology makes it easy to work together over long distances and we have shipping and freight partners we use. We can send our team overseas with the puppets to act as puppetry team leaders for local performers. Anything is possible!

We design, build and perform giant creature puppets and installations for special events and venues.

We use a wide range of mediums and our creations can be inflatable, marionette style puppets, rod or suit puppets, or our largest chassis-based puppets, or a mix of more than one of these varieties. They blend art and technology and often incorporate programmable lighting, 3D printing, custom soundscapes and even robotics. We pride ourselves on our work always evolving.

To get a better understanding of what we can do have a look at some of our previous projects.

From design to completion it takes approximately 2-3 months to build a giant humanoid puppet like The Messenger puppet for example.

It depends how giant it is! A 1.5 scale animal puppet (like a gazelle for example) can cost upwards of $8,000 AUD whereas a giant humanoid puppet including chassis and a rig that weighs approximately 800 kg can cost upwards of $60,000 AUD. As all our projects are specialised these prices are only a rough indication.

For our giant humanoid and creature puppets it takes between 8- 10 professional performers to manipulate.

Unfortunately, as we have a lot of school kids enquiring, we are currently not accepting work experience placements.

Our professional puppeteers are from a variety of backgrounds; dance, theatre, parkour, athletics and have all found their way to puppetry. The best way is to take some puppet making classes, build and perform your own puppets, research online and study the masters of puppetry such as Jim Henson and practice in front of a mirror always!

We have a few puppets in our puppet library that can be hired out for local events. These puppets cost upwards of $3,000 AUD each to hire for a minimum 3 hour call which includes a performer and a minder. For all hire inquiries, email us info@ablanckcanvas.com

Whilst we already have our core team, we are always looking for talented people! Please forward your CV with relevant experience to admin@ablanckcanvas.com

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