Electric Kingdom

A Blanck Canvas x Ithra Museum

Saudi Arabia
Founding Day, Ramadan, Gargee’an & Eid 2024

At the onset of 2024, A Blanck Canvas embarked on a remarkable collaboration with Ithra Museum to create a special Arabian edition of Electric Kingdom. Honoring the Islamic Ramadan festivities, our dedicated team devoted three months to crafting five magnificent installations and puppets tailored specifically for the local community in Saudi Arabia.

Among these creations were the majestic Arabian Horse, exuding elegance and grace, alongside two towering Fennec Foxes and a formidable Giant Striped Hyena. Adding to the ensemble were four graceful Oryxes, emblematic of the region’s wildlife, and five vibrant and playful Flamingos, their bright colours dazzling the night time crowds.

Each puppet and installation was designed and performed to resonate with the cultural ethos and spirit of Saudi Arabia, infusing Electric Kingdom with a unique blend of local flavour and international spectacle. We were honored to contribute to the celebration of Ramadan and to share in the joyous festivities with the community.

Electric Kingdom Arabian edition Includes:

1. The Horse
2. The Giant Foxes
3. The Oryxes
4. The Flamingos
5. The Hyena

The Horse

One of A Blanck Canvas’ most exquisite creations, The Horse, made its dazzling debut during the Founding Day celebration at the Ithra Museum in Saudi Arabia. Designed and crafted by A Blanck Canvas, this majestic puppet was brought to life by our own talented puppeteers, alongside the collaboration of our new partners in Saudi Arabia.

Symbolising chivalry and courage, the White Arabian Horse holds a revered place in Islamic culture. Standing at an impressive 4.5 meters tall and nearly 5 meters long, our puppet was imbued with grace and grandeur befitting its cultural significance.

Crafted in our Melbourne workshop, The Horse boasts a steel internal frame, hand-sculpted foam body adorned with intricate patterns, layered clear plastic mane and tail, and intricate hand painted art finishing. 

Its striking appearance is complemented by programmed light shows and immersive soundscapes, creating a multisensory experience for viewers.Thousands of LED RGB pixels illuminate the puppet, with multiple pre-programmed light sequences, some lasting up to 34 minutes, synchronised with evocative soundscapes, including authentic Arabian sounds.

Operated by nine skilled puppeteers using our signature boom-arm chassis, The Horse gracefully maneuvers, with lifelike movements of the head, legs, and tail. Throughout Founding Day 2024, The Horse captivated audiences over 3 nights, debuting at the opening parade and leaving an indelible impression with its stunning beauty.

The Hyena

Among our most beloved inflatable suit puppets stands the towering Giant Hyena, a captivating presence that roamed the parks surrounding the Ithra Museum. This endearing puppet garnered adoration from the crowds, as hundreds of children eagerly interacted with the playful Hyena, eliciting laughs and smiles night after night.

An evolution of our previous tiger puppet, the Giant Hyena was crafted to be bigger and better than ever before. Operated by two puppeteers positioned within the inflatable, each pair of legs came to life with synchronised movements, while another puppeteer guided the head and overall movement through the crowd. When stationary, the Hyena was perched atop its home, adorned with a rock wall base for added realism.

Hand-painted with intricate stripes and spots, the Hyena boasted a striking appearance that captured the essence of its wild counterpart. Internally lit with thousands of LEDS, it radiated warmth and charm, drawing spectators into its playful world. This enchanting creation brought joy and wonder to audiences of all ages, leaving an indelible impression with its larger-than-life presence and delightful antics.

The Four Oryxes

Each of the four elegant Oryxes, conceived and crafted by A Blanck Canvas, graced the grounds surrounding the beautiful Ithra Museum. Inspired by our acclaimed Oryxes showcased at National Day 47, these intricate suit puppets mesmerized audiences as they gracefully roamed, grazing on nearby shrubs, and fostering delightful interactions with children.

Designed for performance by two skilled puppeteers, each Oryx was operated with precision, with one puppeteer controlling the front legs and head, while the other guided the rear legs and tail. 

The body, tail, and head of each Oryx were hand-sculpted and adorned with EPE foam. Inside, a rod mechanism facilitated realistic movements of the head, further heightening the illusion of authenticity and breathing life into these magnificent beings.

Despite their size, the puppets are lightweight and manageable, thanks to their aluminum frames affixed to backpacks, enabling fluid movement and ensuring an unforgettable spectacle for audiences.

Each Oryx is also internally fitted with hundreds of programmable LED lights, giving them a soft glow as they walk along the pathways. Additionally, their coats were hand-painted with natural earthy brown tones using scenic painting techniques, adding to their beauty and realism.

The Flamingos

To infuse Saudi Arabia with vibrancy and whimsy, A Blanck Canvas introduced five lively Flamingos to the Ithra Museum. These spirited suit puppets, adapted from our previous creations for National Day 47, added a playful touch to the surroundings.

Crafted with extreme attention to detail, each Flamingo featured an aluminum-installed backpack worn by the puppeteer. Their heads, bodies, and legs were hand-sculpted from EPE foam, with matching shoes for performers designed to emulate the lifelike feet of flamingos. Controlled by rods, the heads of the flamingos allowed for expressive movements, while the puppeteer inhabited the body with the legs attached.

Adorned in bright pink hues, the Flamingos were each hand-painted, radiating color and charm. LED lighting was also installed within each puppet, adding a beautiful glow to their presence. The Flamingos brought joy and cheer to the Ithra Museum, captivating audiences with their playful antics and lively demeanors.

The Giant Foxes

Did someone mention GIANT? The endearing giant inflatable foxes stole the show as incredible installations at the Ithra Museum. Standing tall at a remarkable 6 meters high, these illuminated foxes became iconic stationary features, towering majestically over the park.

An evolution of our previous Pandas installation, the Giant Foxes were crafted to be bigger and better than ever before. 

With their internal lighting synchronised with the ambient soundscape and the illumination of the giant grass shrubs, these foxes created a captivating spectacle, enchanting visitors with their larger-than-life presence and whimsical charm. Their adorable demeanor and towering stature made them a highlight of the museum grounds, adding a touch of magic to the surroundings and delighting audiences of all ages.

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