Access Needs for Puppet Mayhem

We actively welcome people with access needs. If you require any help or have any queries please contact the event coordinators at or via phone on 03 9041 2300.

General Access

We accept companion card. Please email event organiser and we will comp your ticket.

We train our staff in disability awareness.

We have accessible information and photos, including the bathroom, and floor plan and can provide this via email on request.

We ask all visitors if there are any specific needs to be met


We use Plain English and easy read signage and information (includes menus and emergency information)

A quiet space is available at the venue.

We have asked all performers if their show requires AUSLAN. (No shows require AUSLAN)

We welcome and assist people who have challenges with learning, communication, understanding and behaviour. (includes people with autism, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, acquired brain injury (ABI), dyslexia and dementia)

Physical Wheelchair

There will be accessible seating in areas of the theatre.

There are multiple wheelchair accessible toilets at venue.  

There are two wheelchair accessible parking spaces with wheelchair accessible signage clearly displayed (International standards are 3200mm wide x 2500 mm high)

There are doorways which are easy to open and have lever handles (doorways 850mm or wider when open and not heavy)

Allergies and Intolerances

Our food trucks cater for people with allergies and intolerances, as well as Vegans and Vegetarians. Please contact event organiser for Menu which can be emailed through.

Our food truck vendors adhere to The Food Authority requirements for allergy management in food preparation.

We have equipment to respond to anaphylactic shock such defibrillator.

Our food truck vendors cooking, and cleaning practices cater for people with food allergies or chemical intolerances (could include menus with meals free from: nuts, dairy, seafood, eggs, gluten etc)

Content Warning- There will be big moving puppets with bright lighting sequences that may affect some people as well as loud noises from band and DJ’s. Please contact event organiser if you have any concerns about the shows.

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